Our visa professionals provide the best services on various types of visa application, including TRV (Temporary Visitor Visa), SP (Study Permit), WP (Work Permit) etc. Linking Consulting is committed to making your visa-applying journey free of hassle, stress and endless of paperwork.

Visa Types:

  1. Study Permit
  2. Temporary Resident Visa
  3. Work Permit
  4. Parent and Grandparent Super Visa
  5. Business Start-up Visa
  6. Tourist Visa

Elementary School/
Secondary school/
university admission for international students

Investing in your education is never an unwise decision to make. No matter if you are considering registering at a public secondary school in Canada or a high school kid eyeing your dream university, we can help you secure your dream school. Digging your talents out on your personal statement for university admission, discovering what you aim to pursue for your future, mapping out pros and cons for each school according to your preference, we got your back on your school application!

Let’s starts with a free consultation to see what your options are

  • Figuring out your target schools to apply for
  • Brainstorming about your talents, passion, and accomplishment
  • Collecting all required academic documents to complete your application
  • Applying for study permit and temporary resident visa
  • Book a flight to Canada


There is a variety of programmes that could lead to permanent residency. You might not be a good fit for every programme but we will find you the right one! We will help you:

  1. Opt the right programme for you based on some determining factors including age, language ability, domestic/international work experience.
  2. Gather all required documents and for your application
  3. Monitor your case on a regular basis and provide supporting documents in time once needed.
  4. Keeping you up-to-date on your case.
  5. Once your application is officially approved, futuristic post-settlement assistance can be provided upon request.

HR Services

At Linking Consulting, we help Canadian businesses connect with potential employees

  1. Understanding Client Needs – Detailed information gathering and analysis of our client’s products and services and the associated staffing needs.
  2. Solution Offer – Based on the analysis, a report is submitted by our team of experts regarding cost/benefit of each hire at each stage.
  3. Finding Qualified Talent – Identifying appropriate candidates from our pool, that are best suited for the job as per client requirements.
  4. Screening, Interviewing and Shortlisting – Every potential candidate undergoes a stringent legal screening process, and a formal interview before being shortlisted.
  5. Induction – All new recruits are provided role-based onboarding and induction sessions.